Sojourn Spotlight: Sound City Bible Church

We're excited to introduce you to our newest church to join the SN family: Sound City Bible Church in Seattle, WA led by pastor Aaron Gray! Read their story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them in 2017.

Sound City's Story

Sound City Bible Church launched in January of 2015 at the end of a season of great difficulty and challenge. For nine years prior, Sound City was known as the Shoreline campus of Mars Hill Church, which dissolved at the end of 2014. Even with the difficulties, Sound City has seen Jesus be incredibly faithful to build and lead his church. Our mission is to glorify God by proclaiming Jesus, receiving grace, being disciples, and making disciples. As we've grown together these past few years, there is a great sense of joy of living out the mission that God has given to us as a local church family!

Key Wins in 2016-2017

  1. Moved from our old location and transitioned to a setup-teardown church. There were obstacles to overcome, but God used this process to a) move us out of the "old Mars Hill" feeling, and b) to galvanize our members to really take ownership of the church.
  2. We have been able to give away almost $70,000 to other church plants, international missions, local regional ministry partners! God has blessed us financially, and we believe that we're called to be a supporting-type of church.
  3. We've seen a tremendous growth in the health of the church, including a 60% adult membership rate, growth in the health of Community Groups, the establishment of a volunteer "Church Health Team" (who recently implemented our first annual church health survey to provide helpful info to the elders of the church), and the establishment of what we call a "Crisis Accountability Team," a team of other local pastors who can serve as a "in-case-of-emergency-break-glass" team to serve us as a fresh set of eyes in situations where our elder team feels stuck.

How to Pray for Sound City

  1. We want to really grow in our mission/evangelism. In our suburban context, many people's default mode is keeping to themselves and seeking comfort and convenience. It can be really hard to find ways to engage our neighbors with the gospel.
  2. We want to grow in our ability to support even more church planters, particularly in the immediate Seattle area. We feel that joining SN will be one important way that this is lived out.
  3. Pray that God would raise up new leaders across the board in our church, both men and women, both kids ministry leaders and elders, worship leaders and community group leaders, you name it. Again, in our suburban context, it can be challenging at times to find people who really want to take responsibility, ownership, and leadership.