Sojourn Spotlight: Veritas Dayton

In October 2015, Veritas Dayton started meeting as 17 adults to pray, look at the Scriptures, and discuss what it would look like to plant a church in inner-city Dayton. Their desire is to display to the city of Dayton what the city of God is like as we live as ambassadors and witnesses of King Jesus. That desire is driven by our vision to be a people transformed by God's gospel that make disciples for God's glory

We encourage you to celebrate with and pray for Veritas Dayton as they begin their journey. Below are some key wins and prayer requests for Veritas Dayton in 2016.


  • We’ve seen 17 adults gathered and committed to planting Veritas.
  • We got to spend 11 weeks gathering to discuss our theology and vision for planting a church in the city of Dayton.
  • God has been forming our core-team into a family in which we know and are known by one another.
  • We’ve had the opportunity to build relationships and share the gospel with several folks in our neighborhood and city.
  • The folks in our core-team are extraordinarily committed and invested to planting Veritas. God has been at work in creating a shared vision in our team.
  • We’ve multiplied into two City Groups.

Prayer Requests

  • We’re asking God to provide 50-60 people who are committed to planting Veritas Dayton.
  • We’re asking that God would multiply us into at least 4 City Groups this year.
  • We desire to see our City Groups join God in what he’s doing in our city. Each Group is currently praying and discussing where God has called them to live on mission and serve in our city.
  • We’re planning to launch public gatherings in September.
  • We desire to have 30 non-Christians that we are building relationships with, introducing into our community, and sharing the gospel with.
  • Pray that God would save many through our witness!