The Call and Role of A Lay Elder

By Nick Nye

The elder team can kill it in the church or can kill a church. Give life or take life away. As a church planter or lead pastor, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to cultivate an elder team that breathes life into the church. While seminaries and books have been devoted to the “Senior Pastor” and the necessity of a plurality of elders, very little has been said about what that plurality looks like. 

My training breakout during The Soul of Eldership is entitled, “The Call and Role of A Lay Elder,” and I want to focus on what the plurality looks like. Especially exploring the differences between a lay elder and a paid-elder. Starting on the culture of your whole team, the diversity of the team and all the way down to what the practical responsibilities look like between elders. I want to walk through training and installation, ministry descriptions, terms of serving and expectations that a Lead Pastor should (or shouldn’t) have in serving the church. 

The elder team can kill it in the church or can kill a church.

When you attend the breakout you will receive a template to help shape your team, certain pitfalls and landmines will be pointed out, and case studies will expound the practicalities of the call and role of a lay elder.