The Pastor & Spiritual Formation Cohort

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Hi, guys. This is Mike Cosper from Sojourn Network and I'm really excited to announce the launch of our Fall cohort, The Pastor and Spiritual Formation. What we're after in this is not just another conversation about "What are the disciplines," or "What's the theology of the disciplines?" We're really after trying to move from concept to practice, from a deep sense of integration, and really a deep sense of congruency in our lives between things we believe, the things we do, and the ways we think and feel and act about them. So it's truly a time where I think we're gonna be able to have some deep reflection together and some deep conversations about what it means to be reformed and transformed into the image of Christ.

The thing I'm probably most excited about in doing this cohort is that my co-host, my co-leader, is Mike Frazier. My guess is none of you will know who Mike is, but Mike's been one of my pastors for the last 20 years. He started discipling me when I was a teenager. He's the one that first introduced me to Rich Plass 20 years ago and is just a profoundly deep soul, somebody who's been thinking about these things for a very, very long time. He's worked with the Renovare Institute. He's been under the teaching of people like Richard Foster and Dallas Willard, so he speaks from a place of deep experience and wisdom. I think all of us are gonna be able to walk away from this cohort with a much deeper grasp, not just of the concepts, but of the practices themselves and have a much deeper way of life.

So I'm excited to launch the cohort. I'm excited about those of you who've joined already and we'd love to see some more of you join us for this journey over the next year. Thanks.

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