What Are These MultiChurch Events?

What is up with multisite?

In the last several years we have seen some interesting shifts, and a few tragic endings, to prominent multisite churches that had been leading examples within the phenomenon. This has logically lead many to question the future of the multisite movement. As pastors within a multisite church at the time, this question was of particular importance to Dr. Allison and myself. MultiChurch was written to answer those questions for us internally and grew into a project that we wanted to share with others who were wrestling with the same challenges and hopes within a similar multisite context.

Three realities emerged from our study:

  1. Multisite is challenging
  2. Critiques of current models have merit
  3. Multisite still has amazing potential for kingdom impact

Why are you doing these events?

With these three realities in mind we felt compelled to share what we have learned with as many churches as we can in hopes of helping them avoid common multisite mistakes.  We love to help churches and we want to see as many healthy, gospel-proclaiming churches thrive for the kingdom as possible. In that pursuit, we see the multichurch expression as being a great solution for many churches that balances the benefits of multisite with a model built on collaboration and empowerment.

Who should come?

As we have consulted with churches around the country we find that there are three churches that will find our events the most helpful:

  1. Current multisite churches that are feeling the frustrations and challenges of multisite and are looking for inspiration on what to do next.
  2. Growing churches that are considering multisite as a solution for growth challenges.
  3. Smaller churches in dense areas that are looking for answers to sustainability and would be interested in banding together with other likeminded churches to form a multichurch.

Additionally, because of the design of the event you will get the most out of it if you are able to bring a team of people from your church to participate in the dialog and group discussion.

What are we going to do?

I can only handle so much sitting in a chair and listening to hypotheticals… so our events are designed to be dialogical.  We will be discussing models, critiques, and practical solutions together as well as in work groups. The goal is to apply the multichurch concepts to your real life situations and be able to dialog solutions with other leaders on the spot.   

We will be addressing theological and philosophical underpinnings of multichurch as well as the practical implications on everything from polity to ministry.

How do I sign up?

If this is a conversation that you and your church are having and you want to join us, sign up at multichurch.org.