What is a Missional Community?

According to Wikipedia, a missional community is a group of people, about the size of an extended family, who are united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships. The Missional Community doesn't exist for anything less than making disciples of Jesus among these networks or neighborhoods. In essence, this group of people becomes a close-knit spiritual family on mission together. 

Todd Engstrom defines a missional community this way: A community of Christians, on mission with God, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, who demonstrate the gospel tangibly and declare the gospel creatively to a pocket of people. 

Jeff Vanderstelt says it like this: A missional community is a family of missionary servants who make disciples who make disciples.

In the video below, Renaissance Church, a network church in Pittsburgh, answers the question "What is Missional Community?" through the lives of a few of their members. If you're curious about missional community, or discipleship in your church in general, we encourage you to watch and enjoy. 


And all who believed were together and had all things in common.

Missional communities at Renaissance Church are the primary context, the primary vehicle where we see discipleship happen and so where we want to see life lived out as Christians, we want to see people grow in their relationship with God, in their relationship with one another, and especially in the relationships with their friends who don't know Jesus. That's why we call it missional community.


We can't walk the Christian life by ourselves, and it's important to have people around you reminding you of Gospel truths.


Being in community is important because we're called to that, because Scripture commands us to be together, to gather together. Time and time again in Scripture we see brothers and sisters in Christ gathering together. We see people welcoming in outsiders.


The New Testament means for us to be part of a local church and so it's really important that we are living life with one another, that we are sharing the Gospel with one another, that we're building relationships with one another, and missional community is our avenue to do that, that's our primary avenue to build that relationship.


We do life. We share our lives with one another. We talk about Jesus. We share great food. We have a good time. We dig inside of God's Word and we also dig into each other's hearts. It's a place where acceptance is at the forefront. You know, it's a place where believers come together of different races, who talk differently, who dress differently but are all united in Christ.

I would tell someone to expect a beautiful picture, you know, a beautiful picture of God's love. It's the real deal.