Grateful & Praying for J.D. Greear

Earlier this week the Southern Baptist Convention—the largest Protestant body in the United States and the largest Baptist denomination in the world—elected 45-year-old pastor J. D. Greear as its 62nd president, the youngest man to hold the office in 38 years.

We here at Sojourn Network want to extend our gratitude to J.D. for serving the church so well over the years. We're thrilled that he's been elected to this position and want to extend a heart-felt congratulation to him, his family, and his church. We will be praying for you and encouraging the pastors and churches of Sojourn Network to do the same. 

What Are These MultiChurch Events?

In the last several years we have seen some interesting shifts, and a few tragic endings, to prominent multisite churches that had been leading examples within the phenomenon. This has logically lead many to question the future of the multisite movement. As pastors within a multisite church at the time, this question was of particular importance to Dr. Allison and myself. MultiChurch was written to answer those questions for us internally and grew into a project that we wanted to share with others who were wrestling with the same challenges and hopes within a similar multisite context.

Cultivated Podcast Went Live in Louisville (sort of)

Our friends, @mikedcosper@karenswallowprior, David Taylor, & @bwmccracken joined us in Louisville for #WhyPartnerships to chat about faith, life, culture, and what being a redemptive presence looks like in society today. It is an EXCELLENT & FASCINATING conversation that explores a WIDE range of topics, including the Enneagram, Terrence Malick, and what Bono is "really like". If you haven't followed @harbor_media & subscribed to the Cultivated podcast, you need to do that now. Happy listening!

How Churches Can Raise Up World-Changing Children

In his book, The American Church in Crisis, David Olson reveals that 77 percent of Americans do not have a consistent, life-giving connection with a local church. He further states that of the 23 percent who are considered “regular participants” in the life of a church, attendance has dropped dramatically. This drop in church attendance creates dramatic challenges for churches that adhere to a traditional children’s discipleship model, with children’s classes during the weekend service as the primary mode of teaching children to follow Jesus. So what is the alternative? How can we best care for the children in our churches? We believe there are four fundamental shifts that must take place among church leaders and the way they approach ministry to children.

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us Preach — Preparation & Presentation

We often struggle with tension in the Christian life, and this topic is no different. We not only need the leading of the Spirit in our presentation but also in our preparation. We need his power to rest on the preacher and the preaching from start to finish.But here we run into what appears at first to be an immovable dilemma: The demonstration of the power of the Spirit is the greatest essential in all of our preaching, and the demonstration of the power of the Spirit is out of our control.