Travel Blog | New City Church | Fresno

After a quick stop in San Francisco to visit Dave Ainsworth and CJ Bergmen and hear about all that God is doing through Citizens Church (you can read more about this trip here), I got up early to beat the bay area traffic, launching out of the city and into a misty Monday morning making my way to Fresno to visit another Sojourn Network church planter: Troy McComas.

Travel Blog | Citizen's Church | San Francisco

Recently, I got a chance to travel out to California to visit two of our Sojourn Network churches: Citizens Church in the San Francisco area and New City Church in Fresno. In this post, I’ll share a bit about my time at Citizens Church through several photos and short captions that should provide a visual story-arc of my time in San Francisco.

Generosity & Collaboration: A Network Letter from Dave Harvey

At SN, we celebrate flourishing, wherever it is found. We don’t define success through stats and numbers, but we do use them to help us evaluate our efforts and to celebrate God’s faithfulness towards our R&D energies. Through the unrelenting grace of God at work in the partnership of 55 churches in 20 states, God enabled us to...

Sojourn Network Films: Substance Church w/ Ronnie & Melissa Martin

Well, when we talk about, "Why this small town?" I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that. I am a California boy, born, and raised in Southern California, and at some point, God took my wife, and I into the Midwest. It's a long, horrible story, but at some point, He did a left turn in the path that we were on, and He compelled us, and inspired us to plant a church in a small town.