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10 Steps To Creating A Church Planting Prospectus (That People Will Actually Read)

A proper church planting prospectus will serve you on multiple fronts over the first three to five years of your church plant. While it in no way guarantees the success of a plant, it’s an important part of, as Tim Keller puts it, “building an altar that God would honor with his fire.” Putting convictions, vision, and structures down on paper has a way of unifying and building a shared vision amongst your core team.

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How to Plant a Church, Not a Service

In what follows, Joel Brooks, Lead Pastor of Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama, reflects on the day he looked around and realized, "Hey, we’re one of the only ones left." Offering insight from personal experience, Joel dives into the stark realities of church planting and how not to plant a service, but rather a church.

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