Reconcile Community Church

Please join us in welcoming Reconcile Community Church from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Sojourn Network family. We are thankful to have Brandon Woodard Sr. and his church in the network and excited for this new work that is being done in Cincinnati. Read their story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them in 2019!

Reconcile Community Church’s Story


Christ Trinity Fellowship is in the process of core group formation. The name describes their purpose: they seek to invite the city into Fellowship with the Trinity through Christ Jesus. They value three main things: Gospel-centrality, Mission-drivenness and Prayer-saturation. The Vision is Jesus. The Mission is to Cultivate Gospel Communities of Praying Missionaries for the Glory of God and the Good of the City.

The team began meeting as a core group with 15 adults in September 2018 and spent the fall forming the group on the three values (Gospel, Mission, Prayer). At the turn of 2019 they  developed a launch team from that core that will prepare them for an official launch.

Goals for this Year

  • Model then multiply Mission Communities.

  • Gather a core group of 50 diverse adults by launch.

  • Successfully form the values into the core group.

  • Work towards giving to be self-sufficient.

  • Launch the gathering.

Ways You Can Pray

  • Pray for the gathering (50 diverse adults) and formation (growth in gospel, mission and prayer) of the core group.

  • Pray for the right people (for core group then launch team ministries) and necessary provisions.

  • Pray for the right location for a launch gathering.


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