Jeremy and Jessie Linneman

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On this episode Nick Bogardus talks to Jeremy and Jessie Linneman of Trinity Community Church in Columbia, MO. Jeremy discusses navigating the call to vocational ministry, the affirmation and clarification in it for he and Jessie and the momentum and energy of being a part of a church exploding at the seams. Jeremy began as an intern for Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY and helped to launch its J-town campus and shortly thereafter became an Executive Pastor for the East Campus location. Jeremy describes this season as his most fulfilling season in ministry but also the most difficult for him physically and emotionally.  This season of working a 60-70 hour work week eventually lead to illness, chronic pain and depression for him over the course of 3-4 years. Jeremy acknowledges that his drive to succeed and his propensity to be a high achiever made it difficult for him to find respite and not keep working but his body refused to keep going at this pace. It took addressing these underlying issues in his heart as well as some deep grief he’d experienced as a child to “reframe his walk with the Lord”. Jeremy and Jessie share some practical wisdom that has helped to sustain them in ministry and has helped them to have healthy boundaries.


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