Miles and Pam Rohde

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On this episode of This is Sojourn Network, Nick Bogardus talks with Miles and Pam Rohde of Redemption Spokane. Miles led a full career in the Air Force before he transitioned to ministry. You’ll hear about his journey into ministry and the way the Lord unified he and his wife Pam along the way. The first church Miles pastored on his own left he and Pam isolated in the small rural community of Marshall, MN. Miles speaks about the three years he and Pam spent there and how they learned the value and need of having support around them. While there, Miles was nominated to The Center of Excellence in Congregational Leadership and he talks about the transformative experience of finding mentorship and support from another pastor who recognized how cynical he had become. This relationship would lead to a robust season of renewal for both he and Pam over a period of 8 years after Miles was offered a youth pastoring position in Willmar, MN. Miles and Pam would leave Willmar for a position at Mars Hill after those 8 years. After arriving in Seattle though, Miles learned that he would be entering into a lead pastor residency program with the intention of planting a church in Spokane, WA. Miles began to embrace the culture of non-stop work at Mars Hill which carried over into his church plant and eventually led to debilitating panic attacks for him. Pam graciously shares how she felt the Lord was using her to speak into her husband’s health and the wisdom they’ve gained in this experience together.


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