Realm Church

Please help us welcome our newest church plant to the SN family: Realm Church in Oakland, CA! We’re thankful to have James Westbrook and his church in the network! Check out their story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them in 2019!

Realm Church’s Story

It is not uncommon for organizations and companies in Oakland, CA, and throughout the Bay Area to have employees and clients from over 15 different nationalities within their walls. This presents amazing opportunities for Christians to provide a Gospel-centered presence, which has wide-reaching implications locally, nationally and globally. The Apostle Paul advances the Kingdom of God in center-cities because as the saying goes, "so goes the center, so goes the whole." Oakland, CA, is a diverse global gateway and center-city often referred to as "ground-zero" for many of the cultural issues that we see playing out in the U.S. and throughout the world, which makes it a critically strategic location to advance the Kingdom of God.

Oakland, CA, has a population of almost half a million residents from all walks of life, philosophical and religious backgrounds, and is continuing to grow in its influence in the U.S. and the world, especially as an increasing number of residents continue to move from other parts of the Bay Area (and the world) to Oakland, CA, and as increased mass transportation initiatives are pushed forward. James and his wife, Desiree’, believe that God is still writing a powerful story of redemption in the lives of the local and international residents and visitors in Oakland and will do so through the churches that are planted.

Key Wins in 2018

  • Since hitting ground a few months ago, they've been able to gain 5 additional church partners (while awaiting answers of approval from several more).

  • The church has hosted two events where they were able to deeply engage with unbelievers. James says, “We are further excited about what God will be doing in their lives as we continue to push for trust in Christ.”

  • 80% of the team has relocated to the area.

  • The Launch Team is growing.

  • They are falling more in love with Jesus.

Ways You Can Pray in 2019

  • Clarity of Location

  • Conviction Behind the Why (that they may have a burning heart to reach the lost for Christ's glory)

  • Confidence in Executing the Mission


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