River City Church

Please join us in welcoming River City Church in Riverside, Iowa, to the Sojourn Network family. We are thankful to have Rodney Gehman and his church in the network and excited for this new work that is being done. Read their story, celebrate their wins, and please join us in praying for them this year!

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River City’s Story

The initial movement for River City Church was birthed out of a community tragedy in 2012, when a dearly loved local pastor and his wife were both killed in a single car accident. As the community reeled, God began to birth a vision in Rodney and his wife to see the gospel be the salve needed to heal the pain and despair that had taken hold. In the years that followed, after starting several community groups, the vision for a church began to take shape. In the summer of 2018, they started meeting as a preview team doing monthly services to build the core team and hammer out specifics. The desire is to be ambassadors for the glory of God and the supremacy of Christ in Riverside, Iowa, through hospitality and community involvement. The target city is small and rural, roughly 1000 people, but it is positioned to be a beacon of light for the gospel in Southeast Iowa.

Key Wins

  • Seeing who God has brought together for the leadership team; different gifts that work together really well.

  • Volunteering at two city-wide events, making connections and gaining favor with the organizers as well as with a few locals.

  • Getting connected with Sojourn Network. Rodney says, “We've been so blessed by the partnership already, through the Alignment process, Leadership Summit, etc, that it's clearly a key win.”

Ways You Can Pray

  • Pray that God would bring along another couple to be part of our core team before we launch, and provide a place to meet.

  • Pray they would finish well at the sending church and transition as smoothly as possible in the coming months.

  • Pray for men and women of peace in the city, asking that God would open doors for the gospel and give them boldness!


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