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Charting the Course

‘how-to’ navigate the legal side of a church plant

By Tim Beltz

Planting a church? It’s time to plot the course toward legal validity.

Church planting is overwhelming enough before dealing with the legal and business regulations of founding a church. CHARTING THE COURSE is for anyone, at any experience level to learn how to navigate the legal side of planting a church.


About the Author

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TIM BELTZ is the former executive pastor of Sojourn Community Church, a multi-site church in the Louisville, KY area. Previously, he served as the executive pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle from 2007 to 2010 helping grow the church from three to twelve campuses across four states during that span. Tim is the founder and principal of 10 Talents Consulting. He continues to pastor at Summit Church in Naples, Florida overseeing Strategic Initiatives and serve on the Sojourn Network Board of Directors.


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