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Leadership Through Relationship

‘how-to’ develop leaders in the local church

By Kevin Galloway

The church needs more godly leaders. But where do they come from?

Some people read leadership books in a season of rest and health. But if we’re honest, most often we read leadership books when we’re frazzled, when we see the problems around us but not the solutions.

If you’re feeling the leadership strain in your church, let Kevin Galloway show you a way forward, the way of Jesus, the way of personally investing in leaders who then invest in other leaders—because making an intentional plan to encourage and train leaders, is not a luxury; it’s mission critical, for your health and the health of your church.


About the Author

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KEVIN GALLOWAY is the lead pastor of Christ Church, a multi-congregational church in Chicago, Illinois and Northwest Indiana. He is the founder and coach of Vibrant Leadership, an organization that coaches leaders in churches and nonprofits, and Galloway Coaching, which coaches and serves leaders in the corporate sector. Kevin has been married to his wife Davena for 28 years and is the father of three adult children who love the Lord and are serving the church today.


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