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Church Adoption


What is a “church adoption”?

Since 2011, we’ve had the privilege of adopting a number of local churches, guiding them through a process that moves from exploration, to assessment, to membership.

While we are committed to planting churches, we recognize that there are times when God sovereignly unites us to churches we did not plant. This reality surfaces organically as we walk in friendship and discover a relational, doctrinal, and functional affinity. In response to God’s activity in uniting our hearts, we will formalize the relationship through a church adoption into Sojourn Network. A church adoption, then, is the process where an existing church that is self-supported and self governed joins the Sojourn Network family.

If your church is interested in joining, the steps below will help answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Step 1


Anyone interested in partnering with our network begins by exploring who we are, what we have to offer pastors and churches, and what partnership looks like. Learn more about us through exploring our website, reading our resources, building relationships with pastors in the network, attending our events, subscribing to our social channels and newsletter, or joining one of our coaching cohorts.

Step 2


The Alignment Intensive is an opportunity to hear from and interact with some of our network pastors and staff as we discuss how Sojourn Network seeks to partner with pastors to help them plant, grow and multiply healthy churches that last. It is a great way to experience Sojourn Network “behind the scenes.” Guests will enjoy a nice meal together and visit with our leadership, gain insights from network staff, and hang out with other pastors and planters from within the network. There will also be a time devoted to answering all of your questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Step 3


The purpose of assessment is to carefully consider the qualifications and chemistry of a potential church desiring to partner with Sojourn Network. Once a church moves through the exploration phase and both the network and the church agree to move forward in partnership, the assessment phase begins. This assessment phase has three parts: (1) a questionnaire, (2) a visit to the local church, and (3) a completed partnership proposal.

Step 4

Member Benefits

As an official member church in Sojourn Network, you’ll have full member access to the programs and ministries for pastors in the following areas.