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Church Adoption — Step 4:

Member Benefits


Sojourn Network aspires to build a church planting network that is gospel-grounded, unified, diverse, and mature. In what follows you will see what defines the partnership commitments between Sojourn Network and member-churches as they unite for gospel mission.  

Our Commitment to Network churches includes…

Church Planting Assistance

We commit to steward our partnership and resources for the gospel by helping churches to plant churches in the following ways:

  • Assist churches in the assessment of potential church planters.

  • Assist in providing churches with information on church planting residencies.

  • Assist in funding church planters in keeping with the funding policy.

  • Provide the necessary infrastructure and funding for approved church planters to reap the benefits of being part of a Church Planting Training Cohort

  • Dedicate a notable portion of our budget to funding new church plants as a statement of our commitment to this value.

Relational Care

We commit to provide relational opportunities through our Connectors, a select group of men and women with the wisdom, ministry experience, and relational ability to come alongside and serve the lead pastors/wives of our network. We also provide intentional coaching cohorts designed for leadership teams, network conferences, and other methods suitable to the needs of network pastors and church leaders.

Leader Training

We commit to supply supplemental training opportunities to lead pastors and staff through our annual Leaders’ Summit, training cohorts, partnerships with external organizations, and other training venues suitable to the needs of network pastors and church leaders.

Resourcing and Communications

We commit to communicate regularly, strategically, and creatively to those inside our network and develop/curate relevant and helpful content relevant for Sojourn Network pastors and church leaders.


We commit to provide opportunities for Sojourn Network churches to benefit from the expertise and wisdom of “Strategists.”

Extra-Local Ministry Deployment & Service

We commit to explore the gifts of network pastors and deploy them in service to network churches.

Financial Stewardship

We commit to partner by being good stewards of the financial gifts of our churches so that our mission is accomplished.

Church Adoptions

We commit to assess like-minded, mission embodying, multiplying churches interested in affiliation with Sojourn Network.

Theological Clarity, Fidelity, and Alignment

We commit to carefully evaluate its Statement of Faith to ensure it accurately represents biblical doctrine, and to not make any changes without a review process by member-churches for comment. Any changes in the Statement of Faith requires approval by the Sojourn Network Board of Directors.

Additional Benefits

As an official member church in Sojourn Network, you’ll have full member access to the programs and ministries for pastors in the following areas:

  • reduced conference registration for lead pastors, pastoral staff, and strategic lay leaders to our annual Leaders’ Summit,

  • access to the identification and development process for potential church planters,

  • access to ministry consultants called “Strategists” who provide ministry consulting and leader care,

  • access to network-sponsored cohorts for the purpose of leadership and ministry development, and personal renewal (scholarships available for lead pastors, pastoral staff, and strategic lay leaders),

  • a brotherhood of other pastors who share a unified theology, vision, and mission to reach others with the gospel,

  • a variety of free ministry resources like network eBooks and papers,

  • and access to our private online discussion board.

Additionally, each lead pastor and his wife will also enjoy an invitation to our annual Lead Pastors & Wives' Retreat (lodging and some meals provided by Sojourn Network).

The collective wisdom and experience of the churches in the network enabled us to have a solid group of brothers and sisters to ask questions of, get input and advice, and utilize shared resources to see our church be faithful to our vision.
— Justin Pearson, Sojourn Fairfax
We are very much in need of wisdom, guidance, and resources as we seek to grow our church in evangelism, outreach, and mission. We look forward to leaning on the network in those situations.
— Aaron Gray, Sound City Bible Church