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Church Adoption — Step 2:



Once a church moves through the exploration phase and both the network and the church agree to move forward in partnership, the assessment phase begins. This assessment phase has three parts: (1) a questionnaire, (2) a visit to the local church, and (3) a completed partnership proposal.


The questionnaire is a 8-page document that we email to the Lead Pastor (or his designate) that allows us to learn more about your church. Once completed, we will then review the paperwork and contact you with any questions we desire to discuss. If everything looks consistent with our beliefs, vision, mission, and values, then we will proceed to the second part of our assessment: the on-site visit.


During this phase of our assessment, we will send a network leader to visit your church. In addition to having a highly relational focus on fellowship, this visit also serves other functions including, but not limited to the following:

  • Allows us to send someone to meet the local pastors and answer any additional questions they may have.

  • Allows us to determine if your church, in practice, is operating in alignment with our values and mission.

  • Allows your church to experience our network as a network representative preaches.

  • If the pastors think it is wise, it allows the local church to ask follow-up questions and/or clarify any reservations they may have about joining the networkv.

  • Allows a relational connection to deepen between network leaders/pastors and the local church, which is a core value of our network.

  • Allows us to gently press into the leadership of the church to see if they have counted the costs of partnering with us (esp. financial, relational, philosophical).

Once these two phases are complete, both parties take time to pray and evaluate the adoption decision. If both are in mutual agreement and eager to partner together, then the church will receive a partnership proposal to be completed prior to joining the network.


The intention of this proposal is to allow your church to put in writing exactly what you think the shape of this partnership should take. In this short document, we would like a representative from your church to answer the following questions:

  • Why does this partnership matter? 

  • How do you see the partnership benefits working in reality?

  • In what ways do you see your church potentially serving the churches of SN? 

  • When will this partnership officially begin?