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Church Planting – Step 1:



Sojourn Network is a group of pastors and churches banded together for the cause of Christ in the world. Together, we exist to see healthy pastors planting, growing and multiplying healthy, churches that last. 

You're here because you're interested in church planting. This is a noble and daunting task, and you are not alone. We have helped many leaders — both men and women — navigate this journey with great success. We do this by slowing down and prioritizing preparation. We’re glad you’re here!

Before you begin navigating through the church planting process, please prayerfully work through the following resources individually, with a spouse (if married), a core team and/or your sending church leadership.


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Everyone has a family. And every family has a story. This Is Sojourn Network chronicles the journey of a family of pastors and churches through the years and across the country. These conversations are grounded in real relationships and demonstrate how the collaboration we share with each other in the gospel can transcend culture, distance, and even death. This is our family. We invite you in. It’s little, and broken, and beautiful. This is Sojourn Network.

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Over the years we have produced quite a few resources, books, and papers on church planting, ministry, leadership, preaching, and more. Most of our resources are free to you, so why not go explore?