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Church Planting – Step 5:

Receive Funding


For all assessed and approved planters, we offer generous multi-year financial support that aims to supplement other financial streams from denominations, churches, core team members, family members, and wherever a church planter feels called to raise funds. This direct support of approved church planters is made possible by the generous contributions from all Sojourn Network churches.

The Process

  1. In order to access our church planting funding, a prospective church planter must first attend our Alignment Intensive, be invited into our assessment, and be “approved” as a Sojourn Network church planter.

  2. Once approved, the planter is eligible to apply for funding and will work with Sojourn Network staff to do so.

  3. Actual funding amounts are announced on an annual basis and communicated directly to the church planter at the beginning of each calendar year.