Refuge Church


Lead Pastor: Ethan Seifried
Service Time: Sunday at 10:00 am
Meets at 211 Arthur Langford Jr Pl SW, Atlanta, GA 30315
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We have existed for 3 years and have grown from 15-100 people. We began meeting in a recreation center in a local park and as we began to grow, we moved to the Villages of Carver YMCA in our community. 2 years ago we were able to purchase a facility with the help of the North American Mission Board. This has been advantageous by showing our community that we are here for the long haul. In addition, our kids ministry which is continuing to flourish! God has given us tremendous favor with the kids in our neighborhood- more than 25-30 kids coming to church on Sundays!

We have been growing through sharing the Gospel and sharing our lives with neighbors in our community that everyone else disregards - the voiceless, the poor, the homeless, and down and out. It has been one of the hardest but most rewarding seasons of ministry that we have ever experienced. Suffering, broken homes, abuse, neglect, gang violence, and death have become the norm in this community. As we see God slowly bring restoration to those areas in the lives of people and church members in our community it draws us to our knees knowing that it is only possible because of HIM. With all that God is doing, growing our beautiful church family of all different colors, ages, and socioeconomic status' and with the desire to be rooted in our community for the long haul, we are so thankful for Sojourn Network and your support. Thank you for helping us to Reach people with the gospel, Build up the church, and Release people on mission. We have been so overwhelmed by God's grace in salvations and forming a beautiful family in and from our community!