Maranatha Community Church

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Lead Pastor: Jeff Beisel
Sunday service times: 10:00am
Meets at 170 E. Columbus St. Pickerington, OH 43147
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Maranatha Community Church began as small group of people who wanted to serve Christ faithfully. The church began in a home with a conversation. From that conversation, many months of prayer followed. Our prayers were focused on how we as a small group of individuals could best serve our city in the name of Jesus. After about a year of focused prayer and working to serve the city of Pickerington God allowed us to open the doors of Maranatha on September 17 in 2017. Our mission is pretty basic and unoriginal. We really have two main objective. We desire to present the whole gospel of Jesus Christ to people with out faith and build on the foundation of those who do. Maranatha means "Come, Lord." And that yearning for Jesus to return and restore this world strikes deep within all of us. Therefore, we believe that if a person can experience the glory and majesty of the eternal God, that person will be transformed forever. It is our duty to preach and proclaim His truth as humble heralds of His glorious grace.