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Sustainable Ministry

with Joel Brooks

To apply, please email Joel directly using the button below.

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Gain a vision for sustainable ministry structures and soul care.

With over 20 years of ministry experience to draw upon, Joel will lead a small group of pastors in thinking through important topics for their own souls and the life and longevity of their churches. Participants will learn from Joel’s own experiences, but will be expected to contribute their own as well.


What is the goal?

Every pastor and ministry leader needs to think deeply on their own experience in ministry as they work to develop sustainable structures for ministry health and longevity. In this interactive cohort participants will be encouraged through rich fellowship, deep thinking, and honest conversations regarding ministry methods and soul care.

What topics will be covered?

Some of the topics and ideas that will be discussed in this cohort include: soul care, pastoral encouragement, sharing your story, particular church histories and challenges. Each particpant will be asked: What will success look like in your life and context? What should eldership look like? How will you develop staff and elders that can preach? How should I train small group leaders? What should I do if I find it hard to say “no”?

How will this cohort be structured?

Module #1 | Two-day retreat.

  • Soul Care. Encouragement.

  • Hear one another’s stories, church histories, and challenges.

  • What will success look like?

Module #2 | Video Call: Developing elders that can shepherd and lead.

  • What should eldership look like?

Module #3 | Video Call: Preaching - sermon preparation.

  • Developing staff and elders that can preach.

  • A Theology of Discipleship

Module #4 | Video Call: Developing small group ministries.

  • Training small group leaders.

Module #5 | Video Call: A Theology of Saying “No”

  • Weekly Schedules

Module #6 | Video Call: TBD by cohort members.

What is the cost and how can I register?

This cohort is free. Over the course of six months there will be five video calls and one in-person retreat. Pastors will cover their own travel costs for retreat.


Meet the Cohort Leader

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JOEL BROOKS is the founding and lead pastor of Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, AL. He has founded and developed several ministries over the last 20 years. He has been married to his high school sweetheart now for 23 years and has three daughters (16, 13, 11). He is passionate about the soul care of other pastors and church planters.