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Gospel Care Cohort

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Cohort Overview

This cohort is specifically designed for coaching in the area of care within the local church. The goal is to collaborate as a cohort so that participants can work toward developing a philosophy, framework, and approach to discipleship and care within community.

The cohort will run for 6 Months (February to July 2019). See the syllabus for more details and a month-by-month breakdown of the schedule.

*Note: The cohort will commence with a retreat on February 20-22.

Cohort Leadership

Robert Cheong


Robert K. Cheong is Pastor of Care at Sojourn Community Church, Midtown in Louisville, KY. He has 12 years of pastoral experience and teaches adjunctively at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and supervises D.Min and Th.M students. 

What others are saying...

"As a pastor of a growing congregation, caring for members can feel like a waves crashing in over and over. The Gospel Care cohort enforced a conviction for having a robust biblical/theological understanding of care and articulating that understanding. It was also instrumental in our church currently pursuing a strategic plan for how to care for our people in a holistic and efficient way. The leadership of Pastor Cheong and Sojourn, as well as the collaboration of all the church leaders involved greatly impacted my understanding and passion for caring for God's people with the Gospel.” - Matt Woodfall, Pastor of Missional Community Life and Member Care, Pleasant Valley Community Church (Owensboro, KY)

"What’s been so transformational for me in this cohort was seeing the need of Communion with God as the foundation for the care we provide. Care for us through our relationship with Jesus has changed my ministry. It’s been profound to have received clarified language to think and talk about how we care for our church.” - Bryan Nelson, Pastor of Family Care, Providence Baptist Church (Raleigh, NC)

"Before the cohort, I felt so limited in identifying, articulating, and implementing the convictions God had given me through his Word for shepherding his people. Through of my experience with the Care Cohort, I was given a language that opened a door to clarity in my shepherding convictions. Through personal work and collaborating with others, I was able to see that everyone’s greatest problem is disconnection from God, and the solution is primarily restoring communion with Him. Our approach is shifting from emphasizing principles to prioritizing our connection with Jesus in a way that informs, motivates, and transforms. The way we do leadership formation and discipleship has changed as a direct result of my participation in this cohort.” - Evan Lemkuil, Recovery Ministry Director, Summit Church (Ft. Myers, FL)