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Kate Killian

Event Manager


Kate is the network’s Event Manager. She is from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and holds a degree in English from Western Kentucky University and a masters degree in Sport Administration from the University of Louisville. Kate has an extensive background in sports and event management, meeting execution, communications, and strategic planning. She has been married to Troy since 2006 and is mom to two busy boys, Camden and Oliver.

Tell us about your role at Sojourn Network.

As Event Manager, my role is to manage and lead our Sojourn Network events, big and small. I love how all of my previous jobs have led me to this one, where I can use meeting planning and administrative gifts to make a positive impact on our network churches, and others who are thinking about joining our network. I enjoy all the behind-the-scenes details that go into planning for an event, and I especially look forward to blessing others with a delightful event experience. It’s my favorite!

Tell us about your family!

My boys amaze me every day! My husband, Troy, also works in event management as the Director of Operations for the Louisville Sports Commission. We say he has the best sports job in Louisville! He gets to help manage events that come to town, connecting event owners with the local resources they need to execute safely and effectively. Our two kiddos, Camden and Oliver, are equally enthusiastic about sports. They both play soccer for the Oldham Soccer Club, and they play anything and everything at home against each other (basketball, foot races, football, rock/paper/scissors — anything for a little competition). We do have a little dog named Holden. He’s a Havanese and a total smart-alek.

I’ve never had a job that I felt was so worth doing every day. To know that my efforts are making an impact on ministry work all over the country is incredibly motivating. I’m super thankful for the opportunity to spend my time doing this.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

We live out in Oldham County and love living near our schools. We also thoroughly enjoy driving through horse country and rolling hills each day, even if it is a good 30-minute commute to Louisville. It’s worth the drive to see the beauty!

What are your favorite books, movies, or TV shows?


I love to read! I will read anything from books to cereal boxes! But right now I’m enjoying learning about the enneagram, and leaning into my introverted nature through “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” I have a desire to SLOW DOWN in our fast-paced, social-media-filled world, so I recently finished “In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed.” I do love a good memoir, too, and just wrapped up the riveting “Educated” by Tara Westover.

Re: TV shows: We like to watch sports as a family, and also reality TV competitions (I’m sensing a Killian family theme here) like “The Voice” or “So You Think You Can Dance.” Innovative architecture, off-the-grid adventures, tiny house living, and any DIY/remodeling show is considered fair game as well.

What’s one crazy thing you have to do before you die?

I can’t answer this one; I don’t think about this kind of stuff often. My kids would have a good answer, probably, but I’m not terribly adventurous. I did recently (in 2018) visit artisans in Guatemala who make jewelry and bags for Noonday Collection (a side hustle of mine) and thoroughly enjoyed being in a different country and experiencing their culture. My husband really wants me to see the Ironman World Championships in Kona sometime soon. Other than that? No idea.