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Megan Sandefur

Executive Assistant

I love Sojourn Network because it’s more than a job. I’ve never worked in a field where I can help touch so many lives. It’s both a privilege and a blessing that I’m thrilled to be a part of.

Megan serves as the network’s Executive Assistant. She is a Louisville native and holds a Bachelors in General Studies from Indiana University in addition to her K-5 teaching certificate. Megan has served as an administrative assistant in several organizations from manufacturing to international adoptions since 2008 and enjoys working behind-the-scenes.

Tell us about your role at Sojourn Network.

As the Executive Assistant, my role is to help make the team look good and keep day-to-day operations moving smoothly! I love working behind the scenes to make things happen and enjoy the variety of tasks I get to perform, as well as meeting all of our network folks.

Tell us about your family!

My husband and I were married in 2010 and have two pre-K children. We love spending time out as a family whether it be some retail therapy or a trip to the park.

What's your favorite thing about where you live?

We love our city and especially enjoy having both sides of our family nearby. We enjoy running around town each weekend and being outdoors. My kids would probably say that their favorite activities are browsing TJMaxx and HomeGoods (I had nothing to do with this...ha!) or watching Daddy play in whatever sports league is currently going!

What are your favorite books, movies, or TV shows?

Does Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? count? I find myself reading a wide assortment of fun preschool books these days, but in all seriousness, I enjoy reading medical journals, blogs and thumbing through interior design catalogs. I’m fascinated with medical literature and love delving into blogs whose authors are splendid storytellers. I also love interior decorating so HGTV shows can often be found on our screen at night after the kids are in bed.

What's one crazy thing you have to do before you die?

Hmm...I haven’t really thought about this before. I guess I would say that I really want to finish renovating our 1950s mid-century modern home to its former glory. We’re slowly inching toward that goal and I look forward to seeing the finished product!