Since you're new here...

People are often asking how to find their way around all that Sojourn Network offers. Below are some of the ways we recommend.

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    The Sojourn Network Blog

    First, of course, is the Sojourn Network Blog. With over 10K monthly readers, this is where most of our content lives. It is updated weekly with new material that is actionable and immediately useful. (If you've found a piece particularly helpful, let us know.)


    The Sojourn Network Useletter

    Our goal here is to curate the very best content that’s been tried, tested, and proven to work by men and women who have been where you are. Some of this content is written produced by us here in the network, but much of it comes from elsewhere. If there’s a specific piece of content or a ministry challenge you’d like some extra help on, hit reply and let us know! Also, we're a relationally-driven network, so don't forget to share this resource with your friends! 

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    The Sojourn Network Store

    This is where some of our most popular content on helping pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches that last lives. These books, papers, and ministry guides have been read and shared by thousands of readers, so there’s bound to be something here that you’ll find helpful. 


    The Sojourn Network Podcast

    Through dozens of talks across multiple events, this podcast will give you a chance to dig a little deeper into what makes our network tick. Every episode has its own word-for-word transcript...if you'd rather read. 

    For a small taste of what the podcast is like, check out John Starke's "Preaching to the Secular Mind." 


    Coaching Cohorts

    Our coaching cohorts are an incredible way to connect with our network community. As soon as you join a cohort, you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, discuss topics, and bounce ideas off of some of the best and brightest in our network.

    Find out why comments like these aren't exaggerations, “A one-hour phone call, which was part of the cohort, probably saved me months of heartache related to budget and multi-site organization and strategy.


    The Leaders' Summit

    This annual conference is a multi-day event where we dive headfirst into time-tested strategies to help you think more clearly about applying the scriptures in your context, explore team dynamics and equipping strategies, make lifelong friendships in ministry, and learn from innovative leaders who desire to form leaders and ministries that last.