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What you’re about to dive into is an overview of the major programs and ministries Sojourn Network offers its pastors and their teams. If, after reading through the overview listed below, you’re interested in hearing more about a particular ministry program, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help however we can.


Church Planting

At the core of our mission is church planting: partnering with like-minded churches and pastors to identify and resource qualified planters to start churches that last. To do this well, Sojourn Network works in tandem with a potential church planter and his local sending church. Together, these three entities work through each of the following stages — exploration, alignment, assessment, development, and funding — with the ultimate goal of seeing a healthy pastor leading a self-sustaining, self-governing local church that is healthy and durable.

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Church Adoption

While Sojourn Network is committed to planting churches, we recognize that there are times when God sovereignly unites us to churches we did not plant. When an existing church enters our network we call this a church “adoption.” Our heart behind each adoption is to identify and welcome like-minded churches who desire to joyfully partner with SN and its churches to help achieve our mission.

Church Strategy

A strategist is a pastor, ministry leader, staff member or board member within Sojourn Network who readily offers their ministry expertise, counsel, wisdom, and insight to help our network pastors and churches in a number of ways including but not limited to:

  • Helping improve a current church program/ministry

  • Training local leaders in a specific ministry area

  • Helping start a new ministry from scratch

  • Providing general strategic counsel

  • Walking with a pastor through a crisis

In short, Strategists help our pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches through their strategic counsel and ministry expertise. Strategists provide the network with their ministry expertise; their knowledge of diverse models; their connections to national resources, colleagues, and fellow pastors; and their philanthropic support or other forms of needed guidance and assistance. They hold significant ministry expertise in their given ministry area (15+ years) and have been in Sojourn Network for at least two years.



Sojourn Network Connectors are a select group of men and women with the wisdom, ministry experience, and relational ability to come alongside and serve the lead pastors/wives of our network towards their encouragement and renewal. As our network continues to grow, this ministry provides ongoing opportunities throughout the year for you to be cared for and supported by the network, connected with other pastors and wives on a more consistent basis, and benefit from the discussion, training, and collaboration that might come through planned times together.

Coaching Cohorts

Sojourn Network’s coaching cohorts are designed to provide group-based coaching to pastors and ministry leaders for leadership development, personal renewal, and ministry training. Each cohort is led by a qualified, network-approved ministry leader and are highly relational, ministry specific, and practical. While they are open to non-network pastors and leaders, these cohorts are designed to serve Sojourn Network pastors and ministry leaders primarily. Specific cohorts will vary from year to year, and they all aim to help Sojourn Network accomplish its mission of seeing healthy pastors planting, growing and multiplying gospel-centered churches.


Conferences & Events

Conferences are a key way we provide care, relational connection, training, and mission sharpness to our pastors and their ministry teams. Unlike local churches who have a weekly opportunity to gather with one another, networks rely on conferences to provide rare but powerful opportunities for fellowship, relational connection, encouragement, training, care, and equipping for their work as leaders in their local church. These times together can nourish and equip a pastor to endure and persevere in ministry and, as such, as vitally important to Sojourn Network as a means for seeing healthy pastors planting, growing, and multiplying healthy churches that last. Sojourn Network provides the following types of conferences to renew, train, and care for pastors and their teams. 

Supplemental Care

Over the years, Sojourn Network has become known for its emphasis on the health of its pastors and churches. This focus on the soul of our pastors and on the health of our churches is intentional and personal. With pastors leaving the ministry in unprecedented numbers due to burnout, exhaustion, and overextending themselves, we want to provide various forms of supplemental care to our pastors, their teams, and their churches. The experience of supplemental care is deeply treasured and represents one of the essential reasons Sojourn Network exists. For a thorough treatment on what we mean by "care," see this paper.