Step 2: Alignment

Alignment plays a critical role in the performance of your vehicle, and the same is true for ministry networks and church planting. The benefits of proper ministry alignment are plentiful—clarity, conviction, and a sharpened mission-focus to name a few. It can also help leaders and teams avoid the pitfalls of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. 

If you have been exploring the idea of church planting with Sojourn Network, the Alignment Intensive is for you. 

the goal of the alignment intensive

The Alignment Intensive represents the first formal step of our church planting pipeline and helps answer two key questions:

  1. Am I called to plant a church?
  2. Am I called to plant a church with Sojourn Network?

Our goal for this event is two fold: 1) to help men who are interested in church planting have a deeper sense of their calling, and 2) to present a clear understanding of what partnership with Sojourn Network looks like.

The format for every event will be 5 sessions over a 24-hour period, each focusing on a specific aspect of  the head, heart, hands, and habitat of the planter as well as a session that deals specifically with moving forward in network partnership. 


how do i attend the Alignment Weekend?

Fill out the Connect Questionnaire to receive updates on how to attend the Alignment Weekend.