Step 3: Assessment

Once you know that you are aligned with Sojourn Network, the next step is to undergo an assessment to identify your strengths, uncover possible areas of growth, and determine whether church planting with Sojourn Network is right for you.


  1. Have you attended a SN Alignment Weekend?

  2. Do you have a sending church who is ready to affirm your calling, giftedness, and readiness to plant?

  3. Are you less than 1 year out from launching public services?

  4. Do you know where you want to plant? (city, state)

  5. Have you begun to communicate your plans to your local church, family, etc.

  6. Have you already started gathering a core team? If so, how many folks are committed to going with you or are already gathering with you?

  7. Have you already written a prospectus or plan for your church plant?

  8. Have you chosen a church name and/or begun incorporating that name in the process in your state of becoming a legal entity?

  9. Have you already moved to your location, or are you planning to relocate soon?

  10. Have you already started gathering a core team? If so, how many folks are committed to going with you or are already gathering with you?

  11. Have you already started public gatherings? If so, when did you launch?

  12. Have you had any assessments already conducted to evaluate your suitability and readiness to church plant?

If you answered “yes” to 6 or more questions, you are more than likely ready to enter our assessment!


Phase 1

A pastoral representative from the planter’s sending church will complete our pastoral recommendation form on behalf of the planter, affirming his qualifications to plant and their recommendation for the planter to begin the network assessment

Phase 2

The planter and his wife complete their written paperwork which consists of:

  • The Church Planter Questionnaire

  • The Church Planter Wife Questionnaire

  • Enneagram profile

  • Prepare-Enrich marriage profile

  • The planter will also submit a sermon that will be evaluated by our assessment team prior to the assessment day

Phase 3

The planter and his wife will attend a 1-day in person assessment retreat with our assessment team in order to carefully consider the calling, qualifications and chemistry of the couple desiring to plant a church through Sojourn Network.


FAQ Regarding Assessment

What is the purpose of the assessment retreat?

Sojourn Network highly emphasizes relationships, and we carry that same emphasis into our assessment as well. Our assessment day is a very relational time in which the planter and his wife have face-to-face interviews with a team of assessors, which provides an opportunity for genuine emotions and experiences to be expressed that cannot always be captured in e-mails or phone calls. We want to be able to communicate our care and support for the planter and his wife through the interview process and shared meals during the retreat.

What are the main areas that the assessment team will cover with the planter and his wife?

The assessment areas covered at the retreat are centered around:

  • Head (Theology),
  • Heart (Marriage and Personal Health, Spiritual Vibrancy),
  • Hands (Church Planting Readiness/Leadership/Preaching) and,
  • Habitat (Missional/Relational Lifestyle).