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Sojourn Network is a group of pastors and churches banded together for the cause of Christ in the world. Together, we exist to see healthy pastors planting, growing and multiplying healthy, churches that last. 

You're here because you're interested in our network family, so we want to provide you with everything you need to understand who we are and what partnership with Sojourn Network could look like for you. Below you will find access to all our introductory resources and answers to many of the questions you may be asking.

Whether you are an experienced pastor or just planting, we're here to help you get started. 

If you're interested in learning more about church planting with Sojourn Network, please fill out our Connect Questionnaire and a member of our team will contact you.

How can I learn more about Sojourn Network?


Questions for Further Exploration

What sets Sojourn Network apart from other church planting networks?

The key elements that set Sojourn Network apart from other church planting networks are:

  • Theological convictions tied to a unified theological vision
  • Common local church ministry strategies
  • Emphasis on mission and ongoing care and support
  • Values of relationships, health, and ministry longevity

What value does being a part of a network add for me as a church planter?

Just as man was designed not to be alone, we believe churches and pastors were not designed to do ministry alone. We seek to partner with like-minded pastors and churches through shared resources, relationships and soul care, shared ministry expertise, distinct DNA, and more!

What type of planter is Sojourn Network looking for?

In summary, a well-aligned Sojourn Network planter:

  • shares our theological convictions and holistic gospel vision,
  • is committed to the gathering and scattering of the church to reach their community,
  • is committed to multiplying disciples and evangelizing the lost,
  • demonstrates humility and a healthy spiritual life,
  • demonstrates an aptitude for leadership, preaching and shepherding others,
  • lives in community with other brothers and sisters,
  • has a flourishing (though imperfect) marriage and home life,
  • and is committed to the local church; and values partnership with SN.

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Does Sojourn Network offer funding to its church planters? How much? How long?

Yes. Assessed and approved church planters receive generous multi-year financial support ranging from $1000-$2000 in monthly support over that multi-year period.