What is the preferred profile of a Sojourn Network planter?

Sojourn Network is built to plant churches from within existing network churches. Church planters identified, trained, developed and sent from within network churches ensure, in most cases, that a planter is well-known by his church, well-affirmed by church, and a good fit to plant with SN. A church planter who is not in a network church but who has strong relational connection with other network pastors, strong theological connection with our beliefs, and strong chemistry with our values may also enter our assessment

What does the assessment process look like for a church planter and his spouse?

Our assessment process begins, as outlined above, with a strong local church recommendation. Once the network has that, an individual may be invited to begin our formal assessment process which includes a paperwork portion and an in-person assessment day portion. The paperwork portion and the assessment day portion typically take about four (4) months from start to finish. After the assessment day, a church planting candidate will be notified of the assessment team’s decision as well as next steps.

Does Sojourn Network offer funding to its church planters? How much? How long?

Yes. Assessed and approved church planters receive generous multi-year financial support ranging from $1000-$2000 in monthly support over that multi-year period.

What commitments do Sojourn Network supported church planters make to the network?

Sojourn Network church planters affirm our statement of faith, our mission, vision, and values, commit to attend network events, give 5% of internal tithes back to the network, and commit to a humble posture of learning from other network pastors and leaders.

Once a new network church launches, how does Sojourn Network provide ongoing training and care to the pastors and his team/staff?

From the moment they join the network, planters have full access to all the ongoing care and support channels we offer: coaching cohorts, strategic counsel via strategists and network staff, resources specific to the network, our leader’s summit and lead pastors retreat, crisis care, and our internal communication channels.

What if I’m just exploring church planting - how can I grow and learn more?

Read all you can about church planting, talk to church planters, visit church plants, attend conferences, take classes - these are just starting points for learning more about planting. You can also email any network staff and we’ll point you in the right direction!