. . . as a church planter

Step 1:

Anyone interested in partnering with our network begins by exploring who we are, what we have to offer pastors and churches, and what partnership looks like. Learn more about us through exploring our website, reading our resources, building relationships with pastors in the network, attending our events, subscribing to our social channels and newsletter, or joining one of our coaching cohorts.

Step 2:

If you've completed Step 1 and desire to partner with us, we invite you to attend the Alignment Weekend. This training event is held twice a year and is required for every church planter. We use this time to draw potential planters and wives together to evaluate: (1) the alignment of their gifts and calling against what’s needed for church planting, (2) the alignment of their values against the values of Sojourn Network, and (3) clarify what partnership means.

Step 3:

The purpose of assessment is to carefully consider the qualifications and chemistry of a potential church planter (and, if applicable, his wife) desiring to plant a church through Sojourn Network. After receiving a recommendation from the church planter’s sending church, the assessment culminates in a one-day retreat in which the planter and his wife undergo a series of interviews.

Step 4:

Upon completion of Step 3, the planter enters a network-sponsored, 12-month development cohort for church planters. This cohort combines theological training with practical church-planting mechanics. The goal of this step is: 1) to provide development and care in the 12 areas listed in the Church Planter Profile that were found to be deficient during the assessment process, 2) to prepare planters personally, spiritually and organizationally to plant and launch, 3) and to offer a venue where lasting and supportive and personal relationships are forged with other planters.

Step 5: Receive

For approved planters, we offer generous, multi-year financial support that aims to supplement other financial streams from denominations, churches, and core team members. This funding is used at the church planter’s discretion but aims to cover costs associated with the 12-month development cohort as well as other start-up costs.

Step 6:
Member Benefits

As an official member church in Sojourn Network, you’ll have full member access to the programs and ministries for pastors in the following areas.