What Network Means To Us

What Network Means To Us


Abstraction is the enemy of application. It is content to live in a listless world of vague, noble notions. Tell a man to treasure his wife and he stares unblinkingly through vacant eyes. But tell him to date his wife and he’s found a trailhead to treasuring her. Abstraction evaporates under the clarifying light of application.

Sojourn Network aspires to build a church planting network that’s gospel-grounded, unified, diverse, and mature. If these aims remain bubble-wrapped in an uptown closet and never walk the concrete streets of our real lives, abstraction will ruin us. The meaning of our network will become a Rorschach test — flash the Sojourn Network inkblot and just listen for the innumerable interpretations. Abstraction will win and the mission will be lost. Just as local churches thrive on clarity flowing from leadership to members, a church planting network needs clarity on what it is and how it works for prospective and current member churches.

Clarity, therefore, remains a primary value in our network. May this paper reflect that value!

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