What is a “strategist”?

A strategist is a pastor, ministry leader, staff member or board member within Sojourn Network who readily offers their ministry expertise, counsel, wisdom, and insight to help our network pastors and churches in a number of ways including but not limited to:

  • Helping improve a current church program/ministry
  • Training local leaders in a specific ministry area
  • Helping start a new ministry from scratch
  • Providing general strategic counsel
  • Walking with a pastor through a crisis

In short, Strategists help our pastors plant, grow, and multiply healthy churches through their strategic counsel and ministry expertise. Strategists provide the network with their ministry expertise; their knowledge of diverse models; their connections to national resources, colleagues, and fellow pastors; and their philanthropic support or other forms of needed guidance and assistance. They hold significant ministry expertise in their given ministry area (15+ years) and have been in Sojourn Network for at least two years.

Who are our strategists?

Click here to view our list of strategists.

  • Gregg Allison - Theology, Crisis Care, Polity
  • Brad House - Strategy, Community Life, Organizational Structures and Systems, Polity
  • Dave Harvey - Church Planting, Pastoral Care, Elder/Plurality Development, Preaching
  • Tim Beltz - Mergers/Acquisitions, Operations, Facilities, Strategic Planning, Finances, Policies and Procedures, Staffing, Multisite Operations
  • Mike Cosper - Worship, Arts, Cultural Engagement
  • Robert Cheong - Counseling and Care, Crisis Care and Counseling
  • Nick Nye - Church Planting and Networking
  • Nathan Sloan - International Missions
  • Joel Brooks - Church Planting and Preaching
  • Nathan Ivey - Mercy Ministry, Community Development, Crisis Care, Auxiliary Ministry Creation
  • Jared Kennedy - Children’s and Family Ministry
  • Paul Gilbert - Crisis Care, Church Finance, Systems, Procedures, Non-profit Management
  • Chad Lewis - Worship and Liturgy, Crisis Care

How exactly do strategists serve network pastors?

Strategists lead coaching cohorts

Strategists create proposals for and lead coaching cohorts. Coaching cohorts are one of our primary vehicles for pastoral/leader training and care, and strategist play a huge part of their formation and leadership.

Strategists make on-site visits to network churches

When needed, Sojourn Network is eager to deploy strategists to visit network churches. The network covers travel, food, and hotel expenses for the strategists while the local network church provides an honorarium to the visiting strategist. This highly personal counsel is often a huge help to pastors when a crisis hits, a new ministry needs forming, a capital campaign is in the future, a new building is needed, or specific training/counsel is needed to move the church forward.

Strategists offer quick "assists"

A ministry “assist” from a strategist is simply a quick reply to a phone call, text, or email through which they serve one of our pastors or a pastor exploring the network. Its strategic counsel that’s brief but extremely helpful in serving a pastor or ministry leader when they are facing a challenge in their ministry.

Strategists create helpful resources

Strategists are also on the front lines of creating great content for pastors and ministry leaders. Blogs, ministry guides, white papers, videos, and more, are just a sampling of the different types of content our strategists are creating.

Strategists speak at network conferences

While strategists aren’t the only speakers pulled in for network events, they are frequently called upon to offer their ministry expertise through our conferences and events.

Strategists help assess partner churches and church planters

Sojourn Network calls upon certain strategists to assist with the adoption of existing churches into our network and with the assessment and development of church planters.

How can I get in touch with a strategist?

Sojourn Network strategists exist to serve Sojourn Network pastors and churches primarily. While many of them also assist non-network churches with their counsel and expertise, they work hard to prioritize the requests received from network members. 

Non-Network Pastors

Network Pastors

Please email us with your particular situation and a member of the Sojourn Network team will get back with you as quickly as we can. 

If you are a network pastor, please fill out this form and a member of the Sojourn Network team will be in touch with next steps, including how we will help fund this strategist visit.