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Common Questions


How can we give to the network?

There are two primary ways to give. You can give online at
You can also give via check to Sojourn Network P.O. Box 4819 Louisville, KY 40204.

What level of financial support do church planters receive?

Upon completion and approval through the church planter assessment process, supplemental funding occurs over a three-year period, in addition to a fully-funded development cohort that takes place during the first year.

Does Sojourn Network require a sending church recommendation for a church planter?

Yes, the first step in the church planter assessment process is to gather two pastoral recommendations from your sending church.

What is the giving requirement to partner with Sojourn Network?

The requirement is 4% of internal tithes and offerings. For church planters, internal tithes do not include funding from external sources. We gather annual commitments from each church in the month of November.

What does the annual financial commitment pay for?

The 4% goes to fund and develop Sojourn Network church planters and their wives, cover the cost of an annual retreat for lead pastors and wives, deploy connectors and strategists for the growth and health of the network, and supplements the cost of training outlets such as the Leaders’ Summit, micro-conferences, coaching cohorts, and it allows us to develop resources for pastors and church leaders.

Do you partner with international churches (outside the US)?

No, not at this time. If you are interested in partnering with international organizations, we encourage you to connect with any of our network churches, many of whom have rich international partnerships.

Is there any denominational heritage?

No. Sojourn Network does not affiliate with any one particular denomination. Many of our churches are affiliated with a denomination, as well as other networks.

Can I dual affiliate with other networks?

Yes. Many of our churches are affiliated with other networks. We do encourage each church to be fully committed to their partnerships, whether denominationally or at the network level.

What are your theological distinctives?

You can find our beliefs and theological distinctives here.

Are resources and training only for the lead pastor?

No. Sojourn Network aims to provide resources and training for the whole church.

How do I find out if I am a good fit in the network?